Electric Scooter Laws Hang In The Balance

We have some bad news for some of our electric scooter enthusiasts. According to this Irish Times article the Minister For Transport has requested the road safety authority to check on how to regulate the electric scooter boom that is happening in Dublin. The Minister is insisting that the electric scooters fall under the mechanically propelled vehicle law to which there is some debate. So for the moment what is the way around this issue?

In the UK there has been a huge increase in converting your normal bike into an electric bike to get the benefits of using an electric motor. This is essentially the same system as using an electric scooter but for some reason this is the same legality as a normal road bike. To go along with this most electric bikes look like normal bikes so there is no chance of you really even being check for this. You can convert your standard bike into an electric bike or ebike using an electric bike conversion kit.

According to ebikeobsessed.co.uk you can get a conversion kit for as cheap as £155.00 so it is super cheap! They also mention that it can be converted at home without the need to bring it to a bike shop where you would have to pay more money. This saves you having to get a brand new electric bike which can be quite expensive. Instead all you need is your standard bike which most people already own and one of these ebike conversion kits and you are ready to go.

The benefits of doing this are quite simple. It means you have less effort to go the same distance and you can choose how much help you would like from the on board electric motor which is environmentally friendly. It also means you can go further as you will not have to use as much pedal power. So until the electric scooter laws are sorted out here in Ireland maybe this is a good alternative for you.