Replacing Your Car with a Street Legal Electric Scooter

In this era, having a fancy new car is seen as more important than saving the environment. Many people do not realize how much pollution is added to our breathing air everyday due to on-road vehicles. Since gas prices are at a record high, driving a scooter instead of your gas-guzzler may be a wise decision. You can now get a top of the range electric scooter like the Xiaomi M365 for €499 from and save a fortune on petrol/diesel.

If you drive 20 miles to work everyday, then at €4.00 per gallon, you will end up spending around€8.00 per day to drive to work. €8 may not seem like much, but considering that there are 5 work days per week, that is €40 per week that you are spending in gas. There are 52 weeks each year,meaning that you will have spend up to €2,080 per year in gas by driving to work. This is assuming that you drive a vehicle that gets an average of 20 miles per gallon. The amount of excess driving thatyou do has not been taken into account for the calculation either. So you spend €2,080 in gas each year by driving to work. At 40 miles per day, every 80 days or so, you would need to get an oil change,costing between €25 and €50 each time, totaling between €100and €200 each year.

In order to save money on gas,insurance, service charges, and much more, you may consider driving an Electric Scooter instead of your car. A scooter from the big 4manufacturers, (Xiaomi M365, Ninebot ES2, Kymco, Vespa) can reduce your fuel consumption, costs and much more. A scooter from XiaomiM365, Ninebot ES2 or Kymco can be paid for in the gas money that you will have otherwise spent on your car, within the first year.

A new scooter from Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot ES2 will cost around €2,300. The scooter will pay for itself in the gas money that you will save. A scooter will typically get around 75 to 110 miles per gallon. Meaning that you can go 4 or 5times the distance for the same price as in your car. Parts and service for a scooter is also much cheaper than that of a car. Many parts can actually be installed at home, without any special tools. Maintenance on a scooter is actually minor compared to that of a car.

A scooter is a smaller vehicle and must be ridden defensively. Many motorists assume that scooters are like bicycles with engines and are just as slow. On the contrary, a scooter is a street legal vehicle, capable of speeds fast enough to cause serious injury or death. Always be prepared to be “cutoff” while driving the scooter. Most scooters are capable of 35to 40 miles per hour and are able to keep up with traffic on most city streets. Most states encourage scooterists to ride on the right side of the road to be safe. Aside from the dangers of riding, as long as one is courteous of other drivers, a scooter can help you save money on gas, parts, service, and provide a fun way to commute to work every day.