What is an electric scooter and why are they becoming so popular?

Described by its etech.ie as being “the latest style of cool and power,” the scooter-inspired car,electric scooter, has been given a boost after “The Price is Right” host Drew Carey gave one away during the show.

The two person car looks like a futuristic version of a bumper car rather than a vehicle that should be taken seriously. The three-wheeler can go from 60 to 70 miles on one gallon of gas, but with a 1.5-gallon tank that’s not very far,especially when the vehicle’s top speed is only 45 mph. Besides, no matter how high gas prices are, that’s no reason to spend €6,200 ona mini-car.

 View a picture of the electric scooter here.

 When looking at a description of the electric scooter on sales sites, it seems safe despite its silly exterior. It has an automatic transmission with independent all-wheel suspension and shock absorbers. It has seat belts and a steel tube frame covered by a fiberglass body.

But the reality is, the electric scooter is not a car. It is a glorified scooter whose greatest wishis to be a Real Car. John, the editor of Car Domain blog, makes an excellent point when he says,

“I especially like that they put a giant stupid roll bar on it, so you either wear a helmet or risk getting your brains bashed in during a fender-bender.”

“I love it!! I cannot wait until the stupid people who would risk there lives in this piece of crap meet the average stupid drivers on the road with a regular 3000+LBS car, can you say natures why of killing of the weaker of the species.”

 Interestingly, the official website for the electric scooter has been suspended, but the vehicles are sold on a variety of other websites.